Happy New Year!

Thank you for making 2016 a good one. We're here to serve you!

2016 was certainly a challenge to most of us in IT. Most IT professionals are being forced to do more with less in a world increasingly threatened from within and without.

Ransomware is the #1 searched IT term on the internet, and with good reason – over a billion dollars in ransoms were paid last year, and recovery from ransomware attacks was costlier still, with some 40% of all businesses attacked by ransomware in some fashion, and one in five forced to close as a result (source: Computerweekly).

Internal threats, whether malicious or benign, are another consideration, with three out of four suffering some form of data loss due to the ‘threat within’ (Source: Kaspersky). Long considered a ‘silent threat’, internal cybersecurity is now another hot topic.

How to protect against all this? We’re here to help you implement your IT plans:

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery – Every solid IT plan has to begin with the end in mind. In the worst of all possible worlds, can you recover seamlessly and in a manner to keep your business operational? We sell Gartner-quadrant ‘visionary’ solutions in the BDR space, and can help you recover your data to the point where you’re up and running as if nothing ever happened.
  • Keep the bad guys out – Endpoint and server security software is mandatory, and if you’re going to keep most of the bad guys out, you’ll need a professional-grade set of tools. We can help here, as well.
  • Internal analysis and training – If you implement the first two, you’ve created the proverbial ‘ten foot wall’ around your network and your business. It’s also worth remembering that if you create a ten foot wall, hackers will simply bring a metaphorical ‘eleven foot ladder’. It’s worth remembering that these people are not boys in basements – they’re businesses, and they operate on a strict ROI principle. Spearphishing and getting emails past the spam filter (where they’re opened by an unsuspecting employee) are far better angles than brute-force attacks. We can help here with world-class, government-grade internal analysis tools and employee training.
  • Make 2017 the year you secure your business, end to end. Cymbidium is here to help.

    (We’d like to thank all of you, customers and vendors alike, who helped make 2016 a great year. We look forward to serving you for many years to come).


    About the Author:

    Will Noble

    Will Noble wears a lot of hats at Cymbidium, including editor of the Cymbidium Press. He has over 30 years of experience in the VAR channel, including owning his own VAR and working for a couple of F-1000 distributors. While he's won several national sales awards, he gets his biggest kick out of solving business challenges for customers and engineering solutions for them.