Industries & Markets

Cymbidium Systems has deep experience in market segments that require highly unique experience and skill sets

Cymbidium Systems inherited the business and expertise of a 35 year old solution provider; our support consultants have assisted a wide range of small to medium-sized businesses and small enterprises alike to thrive and grow with reliable solutions.

When it comes to using information technology to enhance operations and improve business results, many companies face similar sets of challenges. Most companies are in critical need of insuring their core business processes are improved, standardized and enabled by IT systems. Accomplishing this will help support new business imperatives and help deliver the benefits required to stay competitive.


Cymbidium Systems legacy of automation of security and backup/disaster recovery for hospitality companies is well known, with references available on request.  Let us know how we can assist you today!

healthcare-thumbnail-graphic-transparentHealthcare Solutions

When disaster strikes, you don’t have time to think about your IT infrastructure.   Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to manage compliance more efficiently while meeting increased IT needs. HIPAA and HL7 compliance is top priority to secure patients’ information and protect ongoing business operations of healthcare companies.  We work with you as a trusted partner who is committed to your organization’s goals.

manufacturing-thumbnail-graphicManufacturing / Engineering

Manufacturing organizations are adopting new techniques and technology to facilitate growth and maximize the business process.  The impact of rising power costs, security and compliance is forcing these companies to rethink their IT infrastructure and long-term plans/goals.  Taking a business-driven approach, we help customers align their IT systems with their business goals.

financial-thumbnail-graphic-transparentFinancial / Accounting / Legal

Cymbidium’s legacy accounts in banking/finance and the legal profession all know that the real value of information lies in the ability to both secure and access it without hindrance.  Our experience in this area allows us to apply information technology to the processes and efficiencies of your institution.  As it’s increasingly important to secure your data from threats and vulnerabilities, we work with you to best determine your needs from a single desktop or printer to full enterprise level servers, as well as storage, security, and backup/disaster recovery.

government-thumbnail-graphic-transparentState / Local / Education (SLED)

We’ve assisted small municipalities and key state agencies with automation projects spanning servers, output peripherals, and specialty projects in backup and disaster recovery.   Our advanced reseller status with our vendors enables us to compete with far larger resellers and aggregators to apply Cymbidium’s ‘boutique’ customer service at competitive pricing.

business-thumbnail-graphic-transparentGeneral Automation / Commercial

Business does not fit neat categories.   Cymbidium has a track record of meeting and exceeding the goals and budgetary requirements of companies both large and small, regardless of the field of endeavor.  Contact us – and experience the Cymbidium ‘boutique’ approach to automation!