Join Cymbidium and Darktrace For An Information-Packed WebClinic on November 16th!

We'll discuss best practices for internal network protection

Darktrace Man At Blue Screen

Part of an ongoing series of WebClinics on disruptive and leading edge data protection technologies, Cymbidium Systems and Darktrace, Inc. will discuss and demonstrate some of the current best practices for protecting your business against internal network threat.

You already have endpoint and network protections in place – the proverbial ‘ten foot wall’ around your data. What’s keeping sysadmins and CIO’s alike – and likely you, as well – up at night is the worry that data criminals will build a technological ‘eleven foot ladder’ to get over or around your existing threat protection system.

This is where the Enterprise Immune System by Darktrace comes into play. Deployed as an appliance/software combination, it detects and alerts to threats and threat potentials which are already ‘over the wall’.

Jointly sponsored by Cymbidium Systems and Darktrace, Inc., we’ve assembled a formidable array of tools and methods to assist companies large and small with the not-insignificant task of protecting your network from internal threat. Join us on November 16th at 10:00AM PST (1:00PM EST) for an information packed session!


See you there!


About the Author:

Will Noble

Will Noble wears a lot of hats at Cymbidium, including editor of the Cymbidium Press. He has over 30 years of experience in the VAR channel, including owning his own VAR and working for a couple of F-1000 distributors. While he's won several national sales awards, he gets his biggest kick out of solving business challenges for customers and engineering solutions for them.