Join Us on October 20th For A Half Hour And Learn The Latest Best Practices Against Ransomware

Part Of A Series Of Cymbidium/Vendor-Sponsored Webinars


That’s right. A half hour. That’s all we’ll take – you can eat lunch at the same time, and learn from subject matter experts. We’ll show you the current best practices for protecting your business against ransomware, as well as other cyberthreats.

The facts are pretty stark – over 80% of businesses infected with ransomware suffer serious loss of revenue, and almost 40% are out of business in six months. The criminal enterprises behind these attacks are getting more sophisticated by the day.

Jointly sponsored by Cymbidium Systems and Infrascale, we’ve assembled a formidable array of tools and methods to assist companies large and small with the not-insignificant task of protecting your network from threats both external and internal. Join us on October 20th at 12:00PM PDT (3:00PM EDT) for an information packed session.


See you there!


About the Author:

Will Noble

Will Noble wears a lot of hats at Cymbidium, including editor of the Cymbidium Press. He has over 30 years of experience in the VAR channel, including owning his own VAR and working for a couple of F-1000 distributors. While he's won several national sales awards, he gets his biggest kick out of solving business challenges for customers and engineering solutions for them.