Smarter Infrastructure For The Software Defined Data Center

pivot3-hyperconvergedWith a feature set that’s head and shoulders above its competitors and due to a series of intelligent optimizations that make Pivot3’s architecture inherently unique, end users across all workloads and use cases benefit from higher levels of availability and fault tolerance, which prevents against data loss and ensures business continuity.

While most other hyperconverged vendors rely on resource-intensive, hardware-based replication, Pivot3 uses erasure coding to distribute data across the system ensuring maximum performance and resiliency are always maintained. This aggregated resource distribution for virtual storage and compute provides increased performance and efficiency for all virtual machines, industry-leading usable storage capacity, and scales out linearly with each added node. All of this is easily managed through a single user interface, seamless VMware integration, and comes pre-configured with straightforward management capabilities that are self-optimizing, self-monitoring and self-healing.


Key benefits:

  • checkmark-graphicMaximum Use of Resources
    • 2-3X the performance of replication-based HCI platforms
    • 94% usable storage capacity for significant cost savings
    • Extremely low compute overhead means more available for applications
  • checkmark-graphicHigh Availability That Performs
    • Never lose data in the event of a drive or node failure
    • Maintain 85% of normal performance during degraded modes
  • checkmark-graphicFlexible Deployment Options
    • All-flash, hybrid, capacity-centric
    • Rack or Blade System form factors for ultimate in density
    • Solutions optimized for Video Surveillance, VDI, BC/DR, ROBO

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