Today, the industry is transforming to move beyond VMs to leverage containers and public clouds. Turbonomic's customers trust their platform to take them anywhere they want to go.


VMTurbo is now Turbonomics

Autonomic: Self-managing applications, infrastructure and cloud in real-time.

Turbonomic (formerly VMTurbo) solves the problem of assuring application performance across dynamic and complex shared environments through an autonomic platform built on a common abstraction and data model. The platform provides decision automation including initial placement, scheduling, adding or removing CPU, memory or storage, and commissioning or decommissioning instances, VMs or containers.

Any Workload, Any Infrastructure

Turbonomic understands the full stack; operating across multiple hypervisors, applications, cloud orchestration, public cloud providers and change management systems as well as storage, compute fabric, converged and hyper converged infrastructure. It controls the full scope and scale of the environment through APIs, no agents required. The platform maps and visualizes end-to-end relationships and resource consumption from application to virtual machines, compute, storage, storage controller, network, fabric interconnects and more.

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Turbonomic deploys as a single virtual machine. Within 30 minutes of deployment, the platform discovers the environment, identifies performance issues and presents the actions to remedy them. It then continuously evaluates the changing demands of applications against infrastructure supply and makes decisions that assure performance. You can take the actions manually or automate them. With a complete understanding of the application supply chain and interdependencies, Turbonomic enables application workloads, infrastructure and cloud entities to self-manage maintaining a continuous state of application health.

Go Beyond Tomorrow

Today, Turbonomic’s customers are moving beyond VMs to leverage containers and public clouds as they transition from monolithic to cloud-native applications. Turbonomic’s customers, including JP Morgan Chase, Travelport and Thomson Reuters, assure that applications get the resources they need to operate reliably, while utilizing their most valuable infrastructure and human resources most efficiently.

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