WebClinic – Stockholm Syndrome in IT – Tape Backup (And How To Replace It)

Fact, Fiction, and the Real Cost of Tape Backup

Are you still using tape backup?

Take a half hour and learn why the terms ‘inexpensive’ and ‘tape backup’ really shouldn’t be used in the same sentence; why replacing your aging library with modern disk-based backup is actually far less expensive, and why the concept of ‘backup’ simply isn’t enough any more with the advent of ransomware and other threats.

Hidden costs lurk just below the surface – from maintenance and labor to outright backup failure. We can help you modernize – and save money in the bargain!

Contact us today to learn how Cymbidium can help you save money by modernizing your backup and disaster recovery!


About the Author:

Will Noble

Will Noble wears a lot of hats at Cymbidium, including editor of the Cymbidium Press. He has over 30 years of experience in the VAR channel, including owning his own VAR and working for a couple of F-1000 distributors. While he's won several national sales awards, he gets his biggest kick out of solving business challenges for customers and engineering solutions for them.